About Us

Tina Laue, L.Ac.Good Needles Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine is the practice of Tina Laue, L.Ac.  Tina has been in practice since 2008 and graduated from the Colorado School of Traditional Chinese Medicine here in Denver in 2007.  She also pursued a three year internship in Five Element Acupuncture – a special branch of this medicine that provides solutions for deep emotional issues and work with personality and personal growth.  Her family practice serves all ages and she is a special healer that is able to treat many problems well, although deeper emotional work is her passion.  Empowering people in their health is her mission.


A Message from Tina:

As an acupuncturist and herbalist, I strive to help people pinpoint what is causing their health issues and come up with realistic solutions that are affordable – which is why my rates are low and reasonable. Acupuncture is very balancing to the body and can treat mental, physical, emotional and spiritual issues.
I offer a common sense approach to alternative health care that includes:
A gentle touch with the needles.
Compassionate listening and time for you to talk about your life and process what you are dealing with.
A deep integration of your personality and who you are into the treatments and solutions.
Herbal Medicine if it is needed and appropriate for you along with dietary and lifestyle advice.

Specialties:Five Element Acupuncture
Chinese Herbs
For adults – stress management, mental/emotional issues, MIGRAINES, addictions, chronic illness – focusing on overall wellness, and women’s health.