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About Us

Tina Belt, L.Ac. - Acupuncturist in Wheat Ridge, COClients often come in because of a physical problem, but find the emotional support of acupuncture is helpful in managing the stress of life as well.

Tina enjoys making a care plan that is easy to implement for the client. The best results are experienced when we work as a team, taking the time to really implement suggestions and track results that come from new choices.

Tina incorporates many different ways of helping you heal in her practice:

  1. Acupuncture is phenomenal and works by increasing blood flow, stimulating pain relief and encouraging healing. Acupuncture relief is a process requiring sessions close together until relief and then lengthening out to maintenance or release depending on the health condition
  2. Herbal Medicine helps the body to heal and is prescribed based on your consultation.  You may choose to do just herbs.
  3. Natural Functional Medicine involves reviewing or self ordering labs and assessing for nutritional deficiencies that need correction and prescribing supplements.  You may choose to do just nutrition.
  4. Low Level Light Therapy using the Celluma from Biophotas may be added to help with increase in cellular ATP and for pain relief and increased healing.  You may choose to do just the celluma.
  5. Plan of Care: Many modalities may be needed in certain conditions.  Having a healer who can help you to figure out if you need chiropractic, massage, or a doctor’s visit can be helpful.  This is incorporated in what I do with each patient.  I recommend that you get what you need and help you to figure out what you should be focused on to achieve results.
  6. Intuition and Energetic Healing are incorporated into sessions as the need or desire arises.
  7. Essential Oils are incorporated as the need or desire arises.

My passion is to help people heal as deeply as possible from where they are.  Our healing is in our ability to implement a plan and make new choices so we make progress.  Better to have a couple key things than to feel overwhelmed.

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