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About Us

Tina Belt, L.Ac. - Acupuncturist in Wheat Ridge, COMy clinic in Lakewood, Colorado is at Wadsworth and Hampden, behind Natural Grocers in the white office building.


As a patient, you may want me to take your insurance.  I am in network with United and I am a community care provider for Triwest.  I can bill any insurance out of network and I can also give you a superbill.  I can bill workman’s comp or medpay.  If you want me to accept your insurance, you need to submit your insurance card front and back and give me your birthdate, name and address to verify benefits.  I also have to know what you are coming to see me for.  Acupuncture insurance coverage is based on what diagnosis code we bill.  You may have coverage for one condition and not for another.

Conditions Treated:

You may be coming for my expertise in having a Natural Solution to  Perimenopause and Menopause.

You may be choosing to come for my expertise in emotional work and old trauma or PTSD, anxiety or depression.  These therapy style sessions use the power of Five Element Acupuncture to strengthen YOU at your core of being.

You may be seeing me for Natural Functional Medicine and have me give you a plan of herbal medicine and Standard Process Supplements to help heal your cardiovascular issues, your thyroid issues, your autoimmune disease, or your long covid symptoms.

You may be coming for support around Aging in a way that gives you quality of life and reduces symptoms like eye disease, arthritis, hip pain, or phlegm and throat congestion.

You may be coming to see me for pain as a veteran.

I see a lot of patients for a variety of challenges and I see many of my patients for their entire life since I have been practicing as a general family practice since 2009.  I consider myself a passionate generalist because I see too many patients being treated by several specialists who are not getting well or not being told how to help their body heal.  Your body works as a unit with several systems that interact.  As we age, these systems may all have problems together that I call negative feedback loops.  A problem in the digestive system creates the groundwork for a muscle tear.  Stress in the nervous system disrupts sleep.  Pain disrupts sleep.

How I treat my patients:

I like to treat with herbs, nutrition and acupuncture in many of my clients.  I like that acupuncture regulates and calms and balances the system.  It increases blood flow and decreases inflammation.  I often pair acupuncture treatment with celluma light therapy treatment, which increases cellular energy and relieves inflammation as well.  It also has a collagen setting and an antibacterial setting.  You can learn more about celluma light therapy at

I also like for clients to take herbs and supplements to have daily support and healing.  Every dose of herbs and supplements nourishes and heals and reduces problems.  Life is stressful and I often say you are trying to fill up a cup you are drinking out of.  What would it feel like to not always have something that feels off in your body and to pursue a state of true health and vitality?  What could you do with this state of vitality?

In most cases I used cupping and gua sha at the end of the session to relax and release muscle tension.  I see an increasing amount of body stress that does not allow for the proper movement of the lymph and leads to congestion and tmj, ear congestion or swollen glands.

I also see a lot of patients who are out of position in their neck and shoulders due to office work and cell phone use.  I like to work with the whole person and see progress being made in the small things that keep us healthy in the long run.

Lab Testing and Lab Review:

I do salivary hormone, and cortisol testing.  I run hair mineral analysis to determine health levels and heavy metal burden.  I also review your current lab results from your doctor as well as the written report that accompanies an MRI, CT Scan, or X-ray or Surgery.  I typically translate and explain what your doctor has told you about your condition that may not have fully sunk in at the time you saw your doctor.

Auto-immune Disease Protocols:

I have protocols for auto-immune diseases and see great success in managing or reversing disease.  Clients often come in because of a physical problem, but find the emotional support of acupuncture is helpful in managing the stress of life as well.

I see lots of shoulder pain and consider this something I treat well.

I enjoy making a care plan that is easy to implement for the client. The best results are experienced when we work as a team, taking the time to really implement suggestions and track results that come from new choices.

I currently practice independently and see my clients as a responsibility and a relationship that I value.  I care and try to do my best to help you clearly understand what you may achieve.

My passion is to help people heal as deeply as possible from where they are.  Our healing is in our ability to implement a plan and make new choices so we make progress.  Better to have a couple key things than to feel overwhelmed.


Treatment Plans:

If you have had a condition a long time, you can expect it to take some time to heal.  Acupuncture treatments are accumulative and work as a series of treatments that must be spaced closely enough together to relieve the pain and inflammation and reduce the symptoms.  If you have a new issue, the sooner you come in for treatment, the better.



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