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An Acupuncturist is Supposed to KEEP You Healthy!

Chinese herbs example modality


In Ancient China, you did not pay your Acupuncturist if you were sick!

You paid your Acupuncturist when you were well!

The Chinese culture and medicine stresses longevity.  How do we cultivate energy?  How do we stay healthy?  What foods will keep us healthy?

In contrast, Western culture seems to ask us to spend every bit of energy we have as soon as possible and to spend more than we have, all the time.  Our Western Medicine often manages disease with drugs or waits as things build to a point of disease.

Acupuncturists want to treat you regularly to keep you healthy.  Many patients “try” Acupuncture and associate it with the specific issue that brought them to the Acupuncturist.  Essentially, we apply our Western mindset to this Eastern medicine.  This is what I wanted to share with you this month.  And it was very timely, as one of my patients was questioning if she was ready to just take herbs for a while and stop acupuncture.  I explained to her, that every time I treat her, I help to prevent arthritis and to keep her eyes healthy and to allow her system to calm down and de-stress.  Seeing my patients in person, evaluating tongue and pulse, and making those adjustments to the body function through acupuncture or herbs or supplements is my job.

I hope you hire me!

Helping you heal as deeply as possible is my main purpose.


How Do I Stay Healthy?

  1. Remember to take advantage of modern technology and do an herbal consultation by phone or zoom when you cannot make it in here!  Anytime you feel off, we can tweak your supplements or make diet and lifestyle suggestions by phone.  I can put those recommendations into your fullscript cart and they can be ordered and shipped to your door at your convenience.  You can also order directly from Standard Process with Patient Direct.

2. Remember to keep an extra bottle of your herbal formula on hand so that you are able to take your herbs every day as prescribed.  There can be product shortages, shipping delays or staffing challenges that delay your order or require us to check a different supplier or recommend a different product these days.  Stay prepared and comitted to your plan and clear about your dosage and check in point to evaluate for success.

3. Have me review your labs every year in a functional way.  This helps to see problems developing so we can take action to prevent disease!

4. Cleansing once a year is very important.  There are so many toxins.  The goal of the cleanse is to keep our organs functioning optimally.  Imagine not taking your car in for its scheduled maintenance or the results of not visiting the dentist or the gym consistently.  Who fills the role in your life of encouraging you to be at your healthiest?

(Hint, Hint – it’s me!!)

Finally, the foundations of good health are water, mindset, emotional health, exercise, sleep and diet.  Even the best practitioner has a hard time making a good plan if the diet is poor.

In this century, the soil depletion and the change in our eating habits is absolutely critical to address in order to stay healthy.  This is why I use Standard Process and Mediherb supplements.  Standard Process is an organic farm in Wisconsin that has been farmed organically for 100 years.  The quality of these supplements and the condensed nature make them the perfect blend of food and nutritional medicine.

Speaking of Standard Process and Cleansing – It’s almost time.  I like to cleanse in the Spring.  In Winter, we are supposed to store, rest, dream, plan and renew ourselves.  I have samples of the shakes and the new Possible Supergreens formula at the office along with the cleanse booklets.


If you have read this far, you are looking for something to help you stay healthy.  Maybe no matter what you do, the weight isn’t coming off, or you are not sleeping, or you need a cheerleader, or you need some peace?

Acupuncturists are trained to diagnose, make a plan, and treat you.

Isn’t it time to feel better?

You can schedule a Health Intention Alignment Consultation for FREE where we will discuss how I work with my patients and what you can achieve.  Please schedule your session now.

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