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Ear Congestion, Jaw Tension, and the Main Supplement to Try.

Many of my current patients are complaining about:

  • Muscle tension
  • Ear fullness
  • Congestion
What is going on???

The Problem:

When we have one problem like muscle tension, it often leads to another problem, like poor lymphatic drainage and ear pain.  And being worried about this ear pain can create more muscle tension.  This is why magnesium deficiency is super common now.

 Magnesium is depleted by STRESS and SUGAR.

Ok.  It’s not a big deal if the stress lasts a short period of time.  Our body readjusts.  Our cup refills.  We feel better after a few days or a couple weeks.

The Solution:

Chronic magnesium deficiency leads to constipation, poor sleep, muscle ticking and muscle tension that will not release.

Magnesium is one of the most common supplements I put my patients on.  My back pain patients, my constipation patients, my stressed patients, my jaw clenching patients… I think you see what I am saying about this.

If your jaw is clenched, your sinuses cannot drain.  If your jaw is clenched, you suddenly have tmj.  If your neck is really tight then your ears are clogged.

Do I need Magnesium Check-in:

  • Do I have constipation?
  • Do I have muscle tension?
  • Am I not sleeping well?
  • Do I have restless legs at night?

Take Action:

If you have these challenges, then pick up any version of magnesium and try taking it at bedtime at the bottle dosage.
Take it every night – (make sure you do not develop a loose stool).

  • Almonds are a natural source of magnesium.
  • Magnesium glycinate is best for constipation.
  • Avoid Magnesium citrate if you are allergic to oranges.
  • Many people like calm powder.
  • Take EZ Mag from me if you have palpitations when you take magnesium.  EZ Mag includes potassium too, which can become imbalanced if you take too much magnesium with low potassium, such as people on a beta blocker for high blood pressure.

Progress Check-in:

Check back in one week later.  Did things improve?

Yes!  Continue to take Magnesium as needed.  You may find you need to add it in for extra stressful days and then can get off it.

NO? Sometimes we need to look at the dose.  Did we take it at the recommended dose?  Sometimes it helped some and we may need to continue our trial.  If we checked in at one week, let’s continue to try and see where things stand at two weeks or four weeks?

It is unusual for magnesium to not help at all.  Sometimes, we expect it to have a more dramatic result or to work really quickly.  What do we do if we are still not sure and have given it a little more time?

Schedule a nutrition consultation with me!
Many clients bring their supplements in and we look at them together. Human beings are complex and one supplement may not be the whole problem!  It can be very comforting to have an expert look over your protocol and diet and make suggestions or reassure you that you are indeed taking a great protocol and need to give it more time.  In most cases supplement review is an hour appointment.

Anytime you develop stress from doubting your routine, you should seek support from a qualified professional

Stay unclenched this holiday season with a little extra magnesium!!


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