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How do I keep my immune system strong and deal with another rise in covid cases?

With new covid variants, the flu and the normal viruses that we are being exposed to, what should you be aware of? No matter how you choose to approach staying healthy, whether you are pro or anti vaccine or pro or anti mask, what you want to focus on is your individual state of immunity.

Do you feel extra tired or stressed?
Are you getting sick easily?
Do you already have allergies?
Do you have any pre-existing conditions such as diabetes, obesity, heart disease, or asthma?

Corona viruses are problematic…

Corona viruses are problematic in that you can catch them over and over again, and you do not necessarily maintain immunity to them.

Some days your body fights it right off!! Some days you get a tickle in your nose or throat and get better. Sometimes, you get sick!! And how sick you get depends on which organ is weak with COVID. Weak lungs, or weak heart, or liver disease or kidney disease or an aging brain. COVID looks for your weak spots and exploits a weakened immune system, so the difference in those two responses is in what your immune system has to work with during the exposure! Did you get enough rest that night? Do you eat fruits and veggies every single day? Organ meat from time to time? Is your vitamin D adequate? Do you have enough calcium?


Calcium is the big macro-mineral that your immune system uses to crush viruses with a calcium wave! BUT, it’s also what your body uses to help you handle stress! So, nobody is too stressed right?

I can help you determine your calcium levels with the calcium cuff test! Just ask me to perform it at your next appointment!!

There is an interplay between calcium and vitamin d and fats. Vitamin D brings calcium to the bones. Healthy fats bring calcium to the skin and the tissues. So for anybody with osteopenia or osteoporosis, taking calcium and vitamin D – you should also be sure there are adequate fats and that those fats take the calcium to your immune system. I like to use Cataplex F as the healthy fat, but with so many people doing paleo for example, sometimes your diet already has plenty of good fats.

Standard Process Products for Immune Support

A reminder on the quality of these products. Standard Process has been farmed organically for 100 years and the produce is harvested and processed right on the farm. It is glacier fed and they cannot find the bottom of their topsoil! 10 feet down they gave up! So if you think about factory farming and soil depletion, you find the reason these products are exceptional and nourishing and why I sometimes get stubborn and tell you I cannot give you the same results in a different product line.
There are so many great products for immune building in the Standard Process line, which is a food based organic supplement line. I tend to think of these as FOOD.

Immune System Health Pack

60 packets containing one dose of calcium, Cataplex C, Immuplex, and Cataplex F. I love the convenience of one dose of several things put together. It makes me feel like in my mind they become one thing instead of the sometimes overwhelming number of pills.

Calcium is the bullet in the gun of the immune system. Without adequate tissue calcium, the immune system cannot surround the virus with the calcium wave.

Cataplex C – food-based vitamin C to help your body detoxify and help your immune system. Ascorbic acid has a flushing effect, but it is NOT vitamin C – it is a part of the whole vitamin, chemically derived. It does have an effect on the body, but Cataplex is the whole food, living and containing as yet unknown nutrients and it is nourishing. Cataplex denotes a living, nourishing vital substance that is easy for your body to utilize.

Immuplex is used to repair a weakened immune system.
Cataplex F is liver fats and flaxseed. Fats make sure the calcium can go to the tissues and vitamin d takes calcium to the bone – so it’s important to make sure that your body has good healthy fats.

Did you know that Cataplex F and calcium will help keep you from getting a sunburn and will help you tan. Believe me, it’s worked for me!

Additional Supplements

Thymex is also great for stimulating the thymus gland to increase your immune response.

If you are actively stuck being sick and coughing, I love Blue Poppy’s Cold Quell. This is such a great formula and you have to get it from me at the office or pay to have it drop shipped.

Mediherbs PulmaCo and Echinacea Premium are a nice power pair to help your lungs heal.

If you have had covid I still love Cataplex E or Cataplex E2 to increase oxygen. And Cyruta or Cyruta Plus for blood vessel support and to prevent clots. Gingko is great if you have brain fog.

Mediherb products for weak immune system or chronic infections, these Herbal products are standardized and guaranteed to have the potency and correct bioavailable profile naturally and to be harvested sustainably. I get such great results with these products!

Echinacea Premium helps getting a weakened immune system to start having some get up and go!

Pulmaco is a great formula for a lingering cough that does not want to give up.

Health Concerns Lily Bulb Formula is great when the phlegm is sticky and dry. Remember that here in Colorado we can get ourselves too dry easily. Taking Mucinex or taking Sudafed to dry up the phlegm in a dry climate, sometimes backfires!! Sometimes adding more moisture helps the body to expectorate the phlegm.


A colleague got a client over covid using a lot of phlegm resolving and moistening herbs. Her client coughed up what looked like glue! After that she felt better and said that it felt like her LUNGS LOST WEIGHT.

Budgeting, stress and fatigue. Often getting the right herbal formula is a game changer and staying on it for a while can really turn things around. It can be the most affordable way to address your health and accomplish your health goals. Persistence and consistency are key.

Some of my favorite formulas for immune support can be ordered on your Fullscript account which carried the Health Concerns and Standard Process/Mediherb products or on your Patient Direct Account which carries the Standard Process/Mediherb products. I can also order to the office for you and you can pick up here.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

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