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Steps Towards a Healthy Spring and Controlling the Winter Blahs.

Prepping to Cleanse Now

1. Reduce Sugar – My sugar rule is 1-2 times a week – ideally mid-morning, mid-afternoon and paired with activity.  Stop grabbing sugar late in the day as most of us cannot process it.

1A – reach for packaged nuts instead when you get a craving for sugar!  Since I added the snack bowl to the office, I cannot tell you how much it helps me reduce my sugar!

2. Address Constipation.  If you cannot have a movement every day, cleansing can create problems!!  Reabsorbing toxin is a terrible idea and can create brain fog, fatigue, aches and pains and poor sleep.  Add Whole Food Fiber – I love this product.  Add Water.  Add Chinese herbs for Digestion.  Add Multizyme to improve digestion.  Add Betafood – phase one of any cleanse!!  Get started gently and ask for help to improve your results!

3. Ask me for a food log and notice what you are eating.  Eliminate or reduce processed foods and crackers in favor of whole grains and work towards 1/2 a plate of veggies.

4. Notice your water intake and bring it up towards half your body weight in ounces.   My goal for people is not to shock their body.

5. Prepare your budget for your cleanse.  Cleansing is recommended once a year and improves your weight loss and thyroid health!  I do cleanses at just Betafood and SP Cleanse or just SP Detox Balance (an all in one shake) or the full Purification Program at 10 or 21 days if you know you are ready for a big transformation!

6. There is NO RIGHT CHOICE or COMPARISON.  You need to work from where you are and compare yourself with yourself!

7.  I like to cleanse in the Spring and do it in conjunction with the Five Element Spring Tune Up!!

I have samples of the shakes and the new Possible Supergreens formula at the office along with the cleanse booklets.


Dealing with the Winter Blahs

In Winter, we are supposed to store, rest, dream, plan and renew ourselves. Our culture is based around doing more and being more active.  Increasingly I work with Perimenopause and Menopausal Women who want to improve their symptoms in a natural way without hormone replacement therapy.  Yes, it is possible.

As women, perimenopause and menopause symptoms are directly related to a lack of adequate rest.  This can be termed Adrenal Fatigue in Functional Medicine.

1. Adequate sleep is a game changer and there are great herbs to get relief and great supplements to help support and rebuild your adrenals.

2. Men and women also benefit from the doing a cleanse since hormones are made from cholesterol.

3. Stress relief like meditation and gentler exercise like yoga help us to stave off cortisol.

4. Vitamin D supplements and sunlight and a gentle morning walk really help.  The earlier the exercise the better as you have ten hours of improved blood sugar handling after exercise.

You probably know all this!!  However, realizing the difference it makes to say no, to get YOUR PERSONAL PRIORITIES straight so you can say YES to things that matter and setting some limits to have downtime – scheduling downtime are all great ideas.

Challenge one: Go back over this and pick one point of focus to start on!  Take ACTION!  Set Reminders for the next two weeks.

Challenge two: Go to your schedule and put in two hours each week that are free choice, unscheduled and recharging!!

Challenge three: Visit to look at the video on cleansing and the cost of the products.  A lot of clients will show me other cleanses, but I often have to double check that they actually are getting the job done and unclogging your gall bladder and liver and thyroid.  Ask me if you have questions.

If you have read this far and you are looking for help you can schedule a Health Intention Alignment Consultation for FREE where we will discuss how I work with my patients and what you can achieve.  Please schedule your session now.

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