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Rebuild Atrophied Muscles

Several months ago, Greg inman came to me after having a posterior cervical fusion from C2 to T2 due to a fall that also uncovered a lot of spinal stenosis in his cervical spine. The problem was not necessarily the fusion itself, but rather a complication from the surgery. His right radial arm nerve was stretched at the nerve root

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Tina is Amazing.

Tina is amazing.  This almost 70 year old woman would never have recovered from the autoimmune disorder Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, leaky gut, adrenal exhaustion, cancer treatment and digestive issues without Tina’s knowledge of nutritional supplements, herbal supplements and acupuncture.  Tina’s gentle, caring treatment and thorough understanding of the healing process got me to where I am today – which is feeling

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Five Elements for Breakthroughs in Health on all Levels

Tina is an incredibly gifted woman who is uniquely blessed with the ability to help her clients understand their emotional and physical challenges and nurture them in a positive, loving way so that they can break through them and create more joy, love and fulfillment in their lives. I have experienced many different healing modalities and Tina’s 5 elements work

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