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A Balanced and Realistic Plan finds Balance with Eastern and Western Philosophies

I have trusted Tina as my acupuncturist for almost a decade! She is truly an amazing practitioner that has helped me on my journey on so many deeper levels (mentally, emotionally, and physically) than any physician ever has. She also understands that many of her clients come to her with a western medicine bias. Through all of my visits with her, she has helped me find a balance between both western and eastern philosophies with her knowledge, expertise, and intuitive sense that makes her an exceptional acupuncturist. Her goal is to help each client heal as deeply as possible and to create that customized plan that WORKS for that client. Healing is a handshake. You need a good plan from a great provider and you need to take action on that plan!! Tina can offer you a balanced and realistic plan. Go see her NOW for that constant backache, those seasonal allergies, that sprained wrist, or if you just want to feel great again!

Meegan B. 12/2019

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