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The Process of Empowering Your Health


The Cycle of Diagnosis and Re-evaluation

Working with any practitioner, especially in this time with so many do it yourself supplements, can become a process of doubt. Let me help you figure out if you need help! And let me empower you to be in charge of your health plan.

The Process of Empowering your Health: The Cycle of Diagnosis and Re-evaluation

  1. Identify the symptom(s) you want to resolve.
  2. Identify a possible solution – or get help and rx from doctor/acupuncturist
  3. Try to implement the solution
  4. Be curious and kind to self – (notice if you are having a hard time, notice if you need to create some changes to support more time for you in the family, notice if you need to set a boundary)
  5. Do your best each day to implement the plan – dosage and compliance are important. Set up a reasonable point for check in. Herbs and supplements take more time and correct dosage to be effective.
  6. Manage your expectations. Herbs are not drugs, and they often have gentler effects over time. You may still experience ups and downs, especially if you have a cycle, or a stressful event, or a period of extreme insomnia. You may get better gradually or have good or bad days or ups and downs.
  7. Set up the check in reminder in your phone or on the calendar at 2 weeks.
  8. Evaluate how things are going and…

Then the cycle of Re-evaluation begins

  1. Review plan and recommit
  2. Notice what has changed and if it is good or bad.
  3. Give feedback to the clinic
  4. Re-order supplements to stay on track

At any point in this cycle, you may feel doubt. Am I taking the right product or dosage? Am I really getting better? This can be especially true if you have multiple problems and a busy life. Sometimes you are so busy, you do not notice if things are changing. You forget to check in.

When I do a supplement review with my clients, I often find a basically good plan and basically good supplements. Most people are smart and are making good decisions and there are good products out there. If you are taking things consistently, you should get better. It’s pretty simple. If you do not get better, then you need help. If you feel confused, then you need help. If you are on multiple medications and trying to figure out if things are interacting, then you need help.

That’s my job. I review lab results and I review confusing product labels and look for duplications in herbs or vitamins, that may cause problems. I think about your whole plan and I put that into my body system’s process approach to helping my patients heal as deeply as possible.

I hope this process helps you to change your health. And I am right here, if you need support, or a review or acupuncture, or a tweak to your already reasonably good protocol!

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