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Time for Your Spring “Health” Cleaning

Spring is a great time to cleanse. Spring affects your Liver. Cleansing should also help your seasonal allergies. A clean diet will dramatically lessen your symptoms and phlegm. I find that all my clients have different budgets and bandwidths for cleansing.  It’s usually a simple conversation to find what works for you based on how crazy your schedule is and what food allergies you have. My main goal for you to do is take action and choose a cleanse and get started now.

Schedule your appointment with me today and together we’ll figure out what will work for you, whether it is the simplest level or if you have the bandwidth for a major overhaul of what you are eating. Get started even if you can’t do it perfectly. Get started because it is important to cleanse at least once a year to remove the environmental toxins that clog up your thyroid and prevent weight management. A Cleanse can also decongest the bile so no gallstones develop and help make your liver and kidney function stay optimal.

Here are some of my top recommendations

  • Betafood – beets and beet greens to thin the bile and SP Cleanse – a blend of herbs that help your organs function better and detoxify.
  • If you have an awful diet add SP Green Food to make sure detoxifying greens are there to help SP Cleanse work.
  • If you struggle to have a good bowel movement – add Whole Food Fiber or Gastro Fiber to support the movement of the stool so you do not reabsorb toxins.
  • Super crazy busy or hate pills – get the Chai SP Complete 10 or 21 day cleanse. It’s all in the shake!!
  • Time to really get serious about the foods you are eating – get the 21 day Purification Program with all the pills and the shake.

Reach out to me to get your cleanse plan going!!

You can establish a Patient Direct Account with Standard Process and order the cleanse right to your home. You can follow up with me by telephone or zoom appointments for support.



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