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Treat For Winter Diseases in Summertime

Chinese Medicine has a saying, “treat for winter diseases in summertime”.

In summer, we have the highest amount of available energy. So, if we are stressed and tired, it’s time to address it. If we have had covid three times and are still coughing, it’s time to get some herbs, supplements and acupuncture in our daily regimen. In other words, COVID is not going away and your immune response needs to stay strong.

Acupuncture is only one part of an ancient system of medicine that addresses all diseases for a large population. It’s more relevant today than we realize. Many of our current diseases are centered around a failing food production that is depleting vital nutrients and a stressed lifestyle that is gobbling up those limited nutrients. From the time we began processing food and inserting chemical substitutes for real vitamins, we have been struggling with our health and our fertility.

Acupuncture is a medicine that diagnoses you based on your symptoms and is an early way to address, stop and reverse the diseases that are TRYING to set in. You heard right. Your tongue, your pulse, your symptoms will tell you that trouble is brewing and it is your job to address it as quickly as possible.

Don’t sit there coughing and exhausted for six months. Don’t sit there gaining weight and experiencing anxiety and stress. Acupuncture is amazing because it resets the sympathetic dominance and fills up that yawning void of low energy.
This current COVID 19 virus has shifted.

Corona viruses are difficult to develop immunity for. The body does not seem to keep memory of it. And in my opinion, this is much worse than a normal cold or the flu, because if given the opportunity it can linger in your body and damage your organs.

For example, a cough is a sign of a lung that is under attack by this virus and your system does not have the nutrition to kick it out of the body completely.

So, back to it being summer time. In summer we can treat the diseases that get worse in the fall and winter months. If your immune system is supported, then you will be better able to fight off fall and winter illnesses like colds, flu and COVID as it is entering your system.

If you have any symptoms, your best strategy is to address them right away. We can address them with herbs and supplements by phone or zoom. We can address them in person with acupuncture. At home you can address them with rest, exercise, water and a healthy diet.

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Photo by Ariana Suárez

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