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Your physical and emotional heart

This February I want to discuss your Heart. Your physical and emotional heart. The quality of your pulse under my finger can show me arrhythmia or weakness.

During times of stress, we use up our nutrients that help our heart muscle to beat effectively. It’s really lifesaving to treat anxiety and stress that can affect your heart. You should never feel your heart working and the sooner we treat it, the easier it is to correct any problems.

  • Your heart is a muscle and it needs strong tendons to hold it in place. If you typically have tendon issues, your heart might be sagging a little and causing small regurgitations at the valves. Nourishing the tendons, not only gets rid of tennis elbow or sore knees, it also helps your heart function.
  • Your heart needs adequate magnesium to beat properly. Magnesium is depleted by stress and sugar. If people have low magnesium, then I notice muscle tension that does not resolve with acupuncture and cupping, constipation, and insomnia. Magnesium is literally one of the main things I recommend to patients. Back in spasm – grab some magnesium. Too much magnesium leads to loose stools. Magnesium is also great at correcting muscle cramps and restless legs.
  • Your heart needs adequate blood. Ladies going through perimenopause may find themselves in the ER with rapid heart rate that will not quit or high blood pressure but no heart disease. As the body starts having odd periods or long periods, we get blood deficient and this can be an underlying cause of tachycardia, anxiety, and also increase the odds of more long and heavy periods.

I treat the heart naturally if possible. I’m 48 and have treated my own tachycardia and high blood pressure successfully.  It breaks my heart to see people struggling with their health and emotional well-being when a little bit of herbs or supplements or acupuncture can set things right!

Committing to responding early to any discomfort you have helps your whole-body work together and stay healthy. Want to know more? You can take the system survey for free in February and get a report with supplement recommendations. We can also do a nutrition only appointment with a review of recent lab work and the system survey.

Already on medication? You can work with natural methods and your medication at the same time. I am trained to review your medication and as your body heals, then you can talk to your doctor about lowering or discontinuing medication.


PRO TIP: With covid around, pick up a pulse oximeter. This device can help you keep track of your heart rate and oxygen. I like it for perimenopausal patients with tachycardia. How much variability are you having? How high is your heart rate going?


Are you ready to get started? Schedule your consultation today!


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