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Perimenopause, Menopause and Hormone Help

Perimenopause can start early for some women, as young as 30.  More and more I see challenges that I used to see in 50 year old patients in my 30 year old patients.  I have a couple of big soap boxes and our diet and our stress levels are two of them.  I believe women truly, truly are having more difficulty as their body transitions from having a cycle to not having one.


I do a very important talk called Perimenopause/Menopause Sanity.

I also offer a free support consultation called Hormone Help Strategy Session.  I would love to support you to have solutions to feel like yourself again and resolve your issues naturally!


Our female hormones shift dramatically when ovulation becomes challenging or ends.  Our adrenal glands are meant to pick up the slack.  And our stress likes to run away with all of it and create belly fat!

Also, our systems interlock – so there is not ONE problem or ONE solution, but a group of several that all need to be addressed.  You need some help so that you get on track and stay on track with real solutions that work and improve your health, not band aid it.


More importantly, our hormone decline leads to real critical health problems in some women such as organ prolapse, flooding periods and anemia, mental changes (there are estrogen receptors in the brain) and heart issues and cholesterol changes.


Not really understanding what is wrong or seeking healthcare that does not address these challenges frustrates many women.


I have fixed this for myself.  Can I be vulnerable with you.  When I turned 48, I stopped sleeping well, I had night sweats.  I had libido challenges and it started to take a toll on my marriage!  Even though I am trained to fix these issues, and I knew exactly what to do, it was difficult for myself and my partner.  Even though he was supportive.  Even though it only takes 3-6 months to turn around these challenges if you know what to do and you do not give up.


It’s easy to give up.  Because our symptoms fluctuate and our lives and the stress demands fluctuate.

Weight gain that doesn’t move.


ADHD or Depression or Bipolar Disorder

Really heavy cycles

Frequent cycles

Rapid Heart Rate

Thyroid issues

Poor Sleep


I work with my patients in the office or virtually with strong and effective and personally tailored recommendations that work with my patients budgets and personalities.


Schedule a session today, or schedule a time to attend my talk and start right away.

How could you feel in three or six months time if we start right away?

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